Start day: Mondays. Begin Any Time.

Duration of course: 6 weeks

End Day: Sunday

 Learning Objectives

  • To learn basic, time tested tools to bring yoga to children

  • To feel comfortable engaging children in all aspects of yoga

  • To find the child in you

  • To instill sacred principles of yoga in children’s lives

  • To create peace keeping in community through yogic practices as lifelong practices

  • To help children deal with difficulties in a productive, healthy manner

  • To support boys and girls on their sacred paths

  • To help bring healing to the lives of disenfranchised children

  • To aid children with self-regulating tools to lead productive, inspired , grateful lives

Course Description. Please click on the Course Description link for more details

Materials provided

  • Color Me Yoga Training Manual of original time tested material.*

  • Handouts of additional sample yoga classes for specific age groups, from toddler to tweens.

  • The Color Me Yoga Coloring Activity Book, with excellent kid friendly pages devoted to the traditional path of yoga

  • A downloadable version of Color Me Yoga original(and a few extras) songs and mantras(kids love them!)

  • Articles on Children’s yoga , including benefits and practices

  • Sample health forms

  • Handouts on additional Yoga games

  • Extensive Resource List

  • Coloring Pages

  • Kids evaluation forms


This training is for:

School teachers, day care providers, home school parents, occupational therapists, nurses, physicians, child psychologists, yoga instructors, massage therapists, families, caregivers, social workers, NGO staff, guidance counselors, community leaders, anyone wanting a more heart-centered career, anyone unable to attend a live training,all who want to bring the gift of yoga to children benefit greatly from

Color Me Yoga ®‘s exemplary, renowned programs.

Download Application HERE

Price: $397

Please allow 24 hours to receive all information from time of payment.

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